Samsung Galaxy S10 with Qualcomm’s Ultrasonic Fingerprint Scanner!

Samsung’s 10th anniversary Galaxy S10 device is surrounded with good positivity, thanks to heavy redesign and even faster Android updates. The device delivers a cutting-edge in-display fingerprint reader, as the recent reports confirm the news. The Galaxy S10 comes with more advanced ultrasonic fingerprint scanner that is even better than the optical fingerprint scanner used in many current devices.

The recent leaked reports confirm that Samsung will equip Qualcomm’s third-generation ultrasonic fingerprint scanner into the highly anticipated Galaxy S10. It is to be noted that the first generation reader was launched in 2015, and the second-gen in June 2017.  For the Galaxy S10, the company has zeroed in the Taiwanese manufacturers General Interface Solutions (GIS), and O-Film to produce these sensors.

The ultrasonic sensor sticks to the back of the display panel unlike the optical ones, and t even takes a 3D image of the fingertips, taking into account ridges and pores, making the quality look more accurate than ever.

While the 5.8-inch model in the Galaxy S10 will pack a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor, the 6.1- and 6.4-inch display sized devices will be equipped with ultrasonic in-display fingerprint sensors. Samsung Galaxy S10 also comes with 5G connectivity.



Source:- gadgetgogi