Android users alert! Fake Google Play Store malware may attack your phone

A new malware masquerading as Google Play store has surfaced at the Android platform, has reported. The virus is named as Glayedtrojan and is reported to be very powerful. In a blog, Talos Intelligence says that malware comes with a capability to adapt after it’s deployed, i.e., it can remotely load plugins and compile new .NET code.

The report further suggests that this trojan may be in its testing stage, however, given its potential, users should remain alert.

Last Month, the had reported that a malware spread from a Google Play Store app could covertly spy on an Android smartphone. This new malware, named as Triout, was found on an app listed on the Google Play Store. The dangerous malware is capable of gathering every call, SMS messages and every picture or video stored in a mobile. It can also capture GPS co-ordinates of a user. There’s an obvious risk of leak of personal and sensitive data.

However, there’s no information available on risk which may come with Glayedtrojan. Yet, the users are suggested to keep note of any the icon on their phones which appear as Google playstore.

Earlier last month, the had warned about dozens of fake apps that can be downloaded from a number of popular digital marketplaces. Here too, the report said that there are a number of high profile security alerts recently with shock threats affecting millions of Android users.

Source:- financialexpress